Luminar now Shows Images Taken on This Day In Previous Years

Skylum has announced the release of Luminar 3.1.2 which includes a handy new feature to find your photo from past years.

This latest version of Luminar introduces the feature called “On this day.”. On This Day will display the photos you have taken on the same day in previous years. According to Skylum, "this new feature gives you the opportunity to look back on what pictures you took on this day exactly one or more years ago.".

Mac users will gain a faster import time from your memory card and w users will see a faster scroll on Single Image view.

The photo editing software now allows you to add plugins from Nik Collection to your workflow.

Luminar is a popular photo editing and cataloging software that runs on Mac and Windows which is ideal for professionals and home users who want to touch up their photo and keep their valuable photo collection easily accessible.