The Best Video Editing Software for Film Making and Vlogging

Edit footage on your mobile device or desktop computer using software designed to create films. I will show you some of the best options when it comes to video creation and post-production software. 

Video Editing Software for Film Makers and VloggersMake Movies with Video Editing Software

When you have been on an adventure and have some great video footage to share, you will want to share it with people. You can make the video footage you took using your camera look professional by arranging the video clips in order, adding a title for the video, using some transitions and perhaps some voice dialogue and music to compliment the video. Yo7u also need to save your final film in a format that can be used for your desired audience which could be YouTube, social media or to watch on a TV. You achieve this by using video ending software.

Common Video Editor Features

The most common features found in most video editing software applications are:

  • Import video clips - You import the video clips from your camera to be included in your film project.
  • Export video - Export your finished film to different video formats and sizes. Each format and size will be specially set up for use on a platform such as YouTube, DVD or computer.
  • Timeline - Each clip is placed on the timeline and this is where you will do most of the editing from. You can arrange the clips in order and much more.
  • Transitions - You can change between clips on the timeline using transitions such as swipes or fade in/out. 
  • Titles - You can add text to the video which can be animated or still.
  • Trim - Cut out some of the original footage and only play the section you want to include in your complete film.

Some editing software has their own unique features so you need to decide what one you prefer.

Devices for Creating and Editing Films

The most popular way to create videos is by using desktop and laptop software for windows or mac. There are also apps available which you can use to create your film using a smartphone or tablet. The choice of the device depends on what you prefer but desktop software usually offers more powerful features.

Show me The Editing Software

This is what most of you have come looking for so I will get to it. Below are my recommended choices for video editing software.

Desktop Video Editing Software

  • PowerDirector - Supurb video editing software for windows from CyberLink. PowerDirector supports editing of 4K and 2K UltraHD video formats and resolutions up to 3840 x 2160. PowerDirector also supports the most popular formats including JPEG, PNG, and GIF as well as a host of RAW profiles and the latest HEIC file format. This software also allows you to edit 360˚ videos. You can create titles, transitions and much more.
  • Movavi Video Editor - Edit video like a pro: cut, trim, and merge video files, add special effects, soundtracks, and titles to create your own customized movie. Manage video, audio, and titles on the multi-track timeline. Add visual effects and filters like Picture-in-picture, SplitScreen, and Zoom, overlay soundtrack and titles. Import video from multiple sources. Export video to any format, for any mobile device. When you purchase Movavi Video Editor use the coupon code "cameraregion" to get %5 off your purchase.
  • Filmora Video Editor - Powerful video editing software for Mac. You can create professional looking films with this software. There is also a windows version of Filmora Video Editor.