Top 360 Cameras in 2019 for Consumers and Travellers

Cameras have evolved a lot in recent years with the power of computing they are getting smaller and more powerful, but until recently 360-degree cameras have been restricted to the privileged few with the big money for an expensive 360 camera. Now that is changing, and 360 cameras are getting cheaper and on par with their traditional linear partners. I will talk about the best 360 cameras and give you an idea of what one to buy.

The Top Consumer 360 Cameras You Can Buy Today

Garmin VIRB 360 

The first camera on my list is the action camera from Garmin. The GARMIN VIRB 360 is a great camera with 4k resolution in camera stitching and 5.7k resolution images and video that can be stitched using the desktop software.

The camera is waterproof and has a replaceable lens on each side. Using this camera is very easy and you can start recording by turning on a switch which is suitable for people wearing gloves which often make pressing buttons to start recording awkward.

This camera accepts voice commands to begin recording, take a picture and more. There are three buttons on the top of the camera used to change settings and take photos and videos and a screen so you can see the battery level, remaining memory on the SD card and more. You can control this camera using a mobile phone app. The app also allows you to edit and share your photos videos. Garmin has free desktop computer software for editing your videos on a computer.

The battery is replaceable, and you get proximity an hour out of a full charge. The camera accepts micro SD cards but is limited to high-end cards and may not with cheaper low-quality unbranded cards. Overall this is a superb action camera ready to go with you on your next adventure.

Insta360 ONE X 

The ONE X is a follow up from the popular ONE by Insta360 with a lot of improvements making it a justified upgrade for anybody who already owns the ONE. The camera has a small form factor and easily fits in your pocket or bag.

The ONE X takes 5.7K Video & 18MP Photos, and the footage can be exported to the mobile app or desktop software for editing. The battery in this camera is a rechargeable removal battery and it can be charged from your computer or power outlet in the camera using the provided USB cable.

The camera has two buttons and a small screen to assist you in selecting options, camera modes and taking photos and videos.

The mobile app can control the camera and is easy to use. A top feature of this camera is the size and portability because it is so slim you hardly notice it. Another great feature of this camera is the stabilization because the videos can be smooth even when you are running. The one thing I don't find attractive about this camera is the need for a case to protect it around water because the camera is not waterproof without an additional waterproof dive case accessory. If you want a portable and easy to use 360 camera then this is one you should take into consideration because it has a lot of features for the price and in many ways, it is better than similar cameras in the same price range.

GoPro Fusion

GoPro Fusion 360 Action Camera

The GoPro Fusion is a 360 camera that comes from the company that is the symbol of action cameras and their 360 camera delivers on the standards we have come to expect from GoPro.

This camera produces some great 360 images and photos with a resolution of 5.2k for video and 18MP for photos. Like other cameras on this list, the videos and images from the camera can be editing using editing software on a computer. GoPro also offers a free app to share and edit videos and images from your phone.

The battery for the GoPro fusion is removable and rechargeable with an estimated run time of just over an hour on a full charge and the large camera body accommodates these big batteries while not overheating.

The camera can be operated using two buttons. One is to select the mode while the other starts and stops recording and take photos depending on the mode you select. There is a small display screen on the camera to display the camera mode, battery life remaining and other information which is useful while shooting.

This camera is easy to use and portable. The weight makes it a good camera to carry around. The main feature I like about this camera is the image quality because images and videos are of high quality and the stitch line is not easily seen. The only thing that I find awkward about this camera is having to use two memory cards because it makes managing the footage using a card reader more time-consuming. GoPro has not provided many updates recently and this camera is falling behind to competition in some ways but it is still one of the most robust waterproof 360 cameras available.

If you want high-quality video, waterproofing and portability then the GoPro fusion may be a good camera for you.