A Guide to What SD Card You Should Use for Your Camera

When you want to get an SD card for your camera it can be useful to know what card you should choose. I have created this list of recommendations based on the camera and recommended SD card.

SD Cards for Digital Cameras

SD cards come in different sizes and speeds as well as form factors. Each camera will use many different cards but some SD cards are better suited to a camera because of the specs of the camera such as video recording speed, files size, and card format.

SD Card Recommendations by Camera

Choosing The Ideal File Size Capacity in GB for Your SD Card

SD cards are sold in different file compacity sizes. The common sizes you will find available for SD cards are 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB. The larger storage capacity cards allow for more photos and video on the card. For my vacations and travels, I use 32GB cards and change them during the week if needed because if I lose a card or it gets damaged I only use the photos and footage on that card and not my entire trip. If you are taking a lot of video then I suggest a 6bGB SD card. I recommend you only use a larger 128GB card if you are taking a lot of videos and need larger storage space. Making regular daily backups of your SD card onto a hard disk, laptop or another device is always recommended to minimize the risk of losing your footage if something goes wrong with the card.

SD Card Brands

There are a lot of companies selling SD cards. I recommend using SanDiskSamsung, and Kingston brands. The quality and file transfer speed will be different between each brand and each SD card but they are the brands that are most consistently reliable with good transfer speeds.