Luminar Photo Organizing Software Review

When you have hundreds of photos to view or edit on your computer, you may find using Luminar photo organizing software a great alternative to browsing your computer file system for the images.

Photo Browsing and Organizing

Luminar has a library function that allows you to view all the photos on your computer or external hard drives in one easy to use interface. You can locate the images by the year are taken and further narrow it down to the month or day.

Locating photos in your photo library is made even easier because you can group pictures using color labels and rate them from one to 5 stars. If you are going through a selection process, you can set a flag (flagged, rejected, unmarked) for each photo to help you keep track of the pictures you would like.

Photo Viewer and Organizer

Photo Editing Tools

Lumiar has a set of photo editing tools to help you manipulate parts of the image. The photo editing tools are simple to use and will allow you to modify the image size quickly, erase parts of the photo, resize the image and clone areas of your photos and stamp it on other parts of the image. The tools are essential, and anybody with limited photo editing skills can learn to use these tools and improve the look of photos.

Photo Editing Tools

Image Enhancement Filters

For people who like to manipulate the photo in a lot of detail and change things like saturation, contrast, sky color, and other aspects of the picture you will find the filter options comprehensive and flexible. There are sets of filters built in so you can get started. Some filter sets are for aerial photography, personal photography and a quick and simple set of filters to get you started.

The stand out feature here is the ability to create custom filter sets on the side panel which are useful if you have a workflow you prefer and wish to use a particular set of filters for your work without cluttering the interface with filters you do not require. This helps speed up your workflow and makes working with the software more natural.

There is a selection of predefined filter templates called Luminar Looks which help fast track the editing process. You can select the look you want in the bottom panel then you can begin to modify the filters in the side panel, which is a fast and efficient way to manipulate photos.

Photo Manipulation and Modify Filters

Conclusion about Luminar 3

I have found manipulating photos using Luminar 3 enjoyable and straightforward. The software has many powerful features which are easily accessible and user-friendly.

Luminar makes arranging, manipulating and locating photos easier for professionals and amateurs without a cluttered workspace and it is a tool I recommend you try for yourself if you have not already done so.

Luminar 3 is available for Mac and Windows. You can purchase it from the Skylum website.